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Who we are

MOUNTPR is the communication team that offers wide communication outreach to various stakeholders surrounding any corporations and/or individuals. We are the professional enthusiasts that deliver you results. We are passionate about what we do.  We profoundly study the business, sector and character of our clients. We strategize, plan and execute your communication journey and safeguard you through every step of it.

MOUNTPR is your partner in the communication journey with all stakeholders. To us communication is a mountain climbing journey.  You start from the base geared up with the right tools, training, right belayers,  firm anchors and the experience that will take you all way to the top of the mountain.

We are the MOUNTPR team

We are the professional enthusiasts that will pull you up the mountain of communication till you reach the top

We love what we do, and have genuine interest in serving our clients

We are the Mounteers that will guard you through the rocks and slides of the communication journey

We are persistent and use all gear, ropes and anchors to support our clients all the way to the top

We are the belayers that will anchor you in time of CRISIS

We wear our clients shoes while keeping our hands at the Apex of communication strategies